I have a friend that owns a deer farm. I was asking him lots of questions about it because it is something I have always wanted to have. He said he breeds the deer, raises them and sells them to hunting camps that offer pay to hunt experiences. I am so interested in doing this too and I have asked him how he got started. He said this is something his family has always done since he was a kid. He said his grandfather raised them, then his dad and now him. Since it has been handed down over the years he didn’t need to pay to get started with it. I told him about my interest in getting started and he said he would help me. We have been talking about what all I need to do to start. First, I will need to buy some property to put it on. He told me what to look for and how large it needs to be. Once I find property that will work, I am going to purchase it and figure out everything else as I go. I’m glad I have him to help me.