Are you a hunter or just a land owner? If you own a bunch of land, you could raise white tail deer and also elk for yourself and others to hunt on your property. You do know how popular white tail deer are, right? Of course, if you’re going to start a deer farm on your land, you need that license to do so. It’s not that difficult to get one though.

Are you going to breed and farm deer and elk in order to turn a profit? If so, then you’re going to have to invest a little more money than you would if you were just doing it for fun. One site I’m seeing suggests that you’re going to at minimum need to invest about 25,000 dollars to work on deer farming as a profitable business.

People have all kinds of questions about deer farming. For example, is bottle feeding the best option? Are you going to end up selling deer as they get older, and if so, who are your buyers? Those hunting preserves could be your best bet, but you can also get networked with other breeders who are looking to buy deer and elk as well. Enjoy getting started with your deer farm.