My friend works at a local lumber store. He has a friend that works there and he has a deer farm. I didn’t know people had deer farms and I asked my friend how it works. He said he breeds the deer and grows them, then sells them to large hunting places so people can pay to hunt them. It sounds a little unfair to me that people do that and it sounds like it take the whole hunt out of things when you are given something to shoot. I grew up around hunters, and my dad is one too. I’m not sure that he would pay to do this, but I guess lots of people do. My friend said he would pay to hunt for these deer. He said some of them grow very large before he sells them and they are worth paying to hunt for them. I just can’t agree. I have been looking around to see what people pay to hunt and it is unreal to me. I guess if you like to do it and want to do it that way what can it hurt as long as you are having fun.

I love wildlife and for years have talked about owning a deer farm. We haven’t really had the money to put into owning one and all the extra fees and licenses we will have to get. I’ve been talking a lot about it lately and how interested he is in doing it. I told my wife we should look into getting a loan to get the property and everything we will need to do it. We can build a home on the property so we will be there at the farm all the time. I told her I am willing to do this, and I wouldn’t mind having a new home too. We are going to look around and see how the loans work and if we will even be eligible to get a loan. I can’t wait to see what we can make happen. I would love to be able to make a dream I have always had happen and I want to have a new home too. I hope we can make it all work for us so we can both have what we have always wanted to have.